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About Us

We value on providing affordable handmade crystal crafts with care and love for each individual. Every single crafts are being charged and cleanse using energy works - J & R

Customised accessories

For customised crafts, drop us your name, hp number and we will get back to you within 3 working days on the order procedure. Please give us 4 weeks to handmade your order and mail it out to you. (See pricing list for postage fee & customization fee)

Pricing Info

Note: all orders will be given a receipt and payment must be placed to protect us from buyers that MIA after getting the merchandise. Do note that we will not hesitate to blacklist you if you're an repeat offender of cancellation
Size 13-15 20-30$ each (depending on crystals) Size 16-18 25-30$ each (depending on crystals) Fixed 12$ to customise old bracelets (Not including charms. Only normal spacers) Restring/fixing of bracelets bought from me free Request for a customised bracelet price varies depending on the size, spacers and charms Registered postage to letterbox 2$, registered postage to door step 5$, spend above 50$ free postage

Contact Us

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any enquires~